Websites and Security
September 28, 2017

It is a new age in Website Design, but furthermore in Website Security. Many users are now using WordPress to design and maintain websites for their personal and business websites. WordPress is a needy content management system that needs constant updating for plugins, themes, and even the core files of WordPress. The second those files are out of date they are vulnerable. Even more so with contact forms, signups, and any type of login, the sites have open vulnerability accepting information in those fields. Malware removal and prevention is key in keeping your website safe and running smoothly.

The second aspect is HTTPS://, referring to an SSL being installed on your website. An SSL adds a layer of encryption on your website between all the input information from someones computer to your hosting server, that is serving your website to the World Wide Web. It is also well known at this point that google does prioritize sites with an SSL over sites without.

By following these two easy security processes, you can protect your self and your business from valuable website and data loss.

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